How to negotiate debts? 6 tips to help you learn

Being able to pay the bills at the end of the month and still have a little money left in your wallet has become a challenge for most people these days. In view of the financial instability that affects every country, It is natural to face moments of difficulty, starting with the accumulation of accounts. In addition, without proper care, financial problems can worsen, leaving defaulters to resort to new alternatives to get out of the red, such as negotiating debts. There are several factors that contribute to indebtedness, among them unemployment and lack of control when buying, however, there are also different ways of organizing financial life and escaping debts through agreements that offer reduced interest, installments, discounts, among other negotiations. Despite your efforts to keep your accounts up to date, is your name still dirty and your bank balance negative. So what are you for going back to having peaceful nights without worrying about your financial situation, check out some tips on how to negotiate debts!


Analyze your financial situation

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Before looking for the bank’s management, write down the true financial situation of your budget. Remember to calculate your income, as well as priority expenses, such as health, food, and housing. After doing these calculations, do you You are the real value that power is used in the negotiation installments. So, stay it is easier to settle monthly installments. Also, rate how much you are paying interest.


Evaluate the conditions of the contract

Evaluate the conditions of the contract

Signing the negotiation contract may seem like the end of the problems, however, before signing the agreement, I need to pay attention to all the clauses presented. That assessment is important because the document may contain irregularities or information that went unnoticed, such as high interest rates, for example. In this case, make sure that everything that has been talked about is correct. registered and, in cases of additional charges, look for Consumer Protection agencies.


See how to trade debts in other banks

trade debts in other banks

Doesn’t your bank always offer the best payment terms, therefore, doing market research, evaluating proposals from other institutions, can help when deciding which is the best investment? In general, banks are competitors with each other and, therefore, work with different rates that allow up to export life, if necessary.


Check the deadline proposed by the bank

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Most of the time, lenders offer negotiation through a larger installment. However, although the value of the installments is smaller, depending on the stipulated amount, interest can greatly increase the total debt amount. It is important to calculate this value, remembering that, with fewer installments, the power life it will be paid off faster. Also, check if the interest rate is compatible market average.


Attention when contacting the bank

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Currently, it is possible to negotiate debt through the internet itself. However, despite the ease, online solutions are standardized and do not offer the best proposal according to the debtor’s needs. In other cases, negotiation by telephone also requires greater care, especially when keeping the number of the service protocol. For this reason, negotiation in person has been the best alternative. Talking directly to your manager. It is possible to expose the financial reality through documents, such as statements, income proof, etc., ensuring more chances of getting a proportional discount.

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